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Introduction to Ronggao

Ronggao doors and windows was founded in In 2004, the registered capital was RMB 20 million. It has a large-scale modern production base of 150000 square meters, constantly introduces foreign production lines and systematic production management system, and has perfect product test and test system. It is a comprehensive modern large-scale door and window manufacturing enterprise.

Ronggao doors and windows to create a full range of differentiated products. Covers the tooling electric telescopic door plate, as well as home decoration door, aluminum alloy door, aluminum alloy window, sunshine room and other home decoration plate. Diversified products to meet the needs of modern consumers, integrated home system to adapt to the current trend of door industry development, improve the diversified supply of terminal products.

The strong R & D team of Ronggao doors and windows is rooted in the product performance, appearance design and technology, etc., and builds an umbrella with the appearance and performance different from others, so as to get rid of the decay of homogenization and make the products more valuable. With the continuous innovation of Ronggao doors and windows, Create different products, distribute different connotations, and make products stand out in the homogeneous market.

In addition, Ronggao doors and windows has been awarded the titles of Chinese famous and excellent products, top ten brands of doors and windows in Guangdong Province, member unit of national door industry committee, private science and technology enterprise of Guangdong Province, vice president unit of Guangdong door industry association, high-tech enterprise, vice president unit of Guangdong aluminum alloy door and window Association, etc.

Nowadays, Ronggao service network has covered nearly In more than 30 countries and regions, there are more than 500 service sales outlets for electric telescopic doors and more than 400 service sales outlets for home doors. Ronggao doors and windows take the terminal as the guidance, formulates the terminal standard mode, creates the opening standard, the service standard, the marketing standard, after-sale standard and so on, realizes the systematic assistance policy. 360 ° systematic terminal operation provides consumers with a good product experience and terminal services.

Ronggao doors and windows in the vigorous development at the same time, in the In 2009, Ronggao charity foundation was established to pay attention to people's livelihood and actively undertake social responsibility. From donations to Indian Ocean tsunami disaster area, China's ice snow disaster area, Sichuan earthquake disaster area, to supporting infrastructure construction in Guandong Lianzhou, Xingtian primary school in Dafang County, Guizhou Province, Ronggao enterprises have offered timely assistance, which reflects Ronggao's corporate culture spirit of love and protection.

In the future, Ronggao doors and windows will change the development mode, promote the strategic transformation, deepen the optimized combination of industrial chain, value chain, management chain and management chain, build a brand system, and build a competitive overall door enterprise, so as to become a valuable overall door industry brand both at home and abroad.

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 Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

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Chairman's speech

Dear colleagues


Welcome to join Ronggao door and window family!


With the ups and downs of the market economy in 2020 and the epidemic situation, the operation of physical stores will be difficult. Ronggao doors and windows are concerned about Ronggao's family members all over the world. It has launched support policies to realize that the manufacturers are united in one mind and help each other and fight the epidemic together! Through live broadcast and other online ways, we can change our actions and thinking, and respond to this severe and uncertain challenge flexibly, calmly and rationally.


Ronggao doors and windows has been in the sea of the industry for 16 years, making unremitting changes and breaking the situation of traditional thinking. Because I believe that the realization of the dream is more than others to stick to, more adhere to, more firmly to the dream. We believe in the power of "believe.".

Ronggao products, which integrate art and product, are the "hard core". Every detail of Ronggao products is a rigorous and focused presentation. Every style of design is immersed in the fusion of vision and hearing. Ronggao people carefully explore the essence of life, get rid of the prosperous pile-up, without modification, to achieve the leap of production and quality!


I always think that success is not achieved overnight, but everyone has potential, and dreams will guide you to meet your excellent self. We will devote ourselves to our dream and team. We will enlarge our value by cooperation and let the strength of the team help us achieve our dream. Believe in dreams and they will light your way to find yourself.


Life should not be mediocre, extraordinary, not simple, full of challenges, this is a living life. In 2020, let's fly the wings of our dreams and realize our dreams with indestructible confidence.

Certificate of honor

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